Planning and design developed for the prosperity and well being of the community, can unify an area expressing historic qualities while at the same time complimenting new development.



Whether it be a new Library to build on the community’s heritage, a financial institution to express their innovation and commitment to their members, a custom home renovation and addition in a historic neighborhood, a streetscape project to unify the district and assist in the branding of the place, to embarking on a new addition to an established school in an established neighborhood with it’s own unique challenges, HAA has the ability and passion to deliver an appropriate solution and an enjoyable experience.


The improvement to enhance the heart of the community requires a design that is as functional as it is aesthetic.  When embracing a project, we include the following:


  • Feasibility Study
  • Budgeting and Scheduling
  • Site and Lot Development
  • Architectural Design and Engineering
  • Community Presentations
  • Bid Letting and Review
  • Construction Administration